Board the party of cod.

No Lhau! Lhau! Maria! we tell the story of all the Portuguese who practiced cod fishing for the icy sea of the north. The spirit of these fishermen gives way to this party where we dedicate ourselves to discover the best recipes of the typical Portuguese cod, bringing to you a thousand and one ways to taste it.


How was work on board?

"Bring the bread of the seas to the fatherland."

Cod fishing was recruiting throughout the country, generating a national human movement, from fishermen, nautical officers, workers and nurses, with an impact on fishing communities.

Today, we celebrate the effort of these men who brought the cod to our table, and we invite everyone to the party!


The history of cod.

Cod fishing was an effervescent activity practiced by the Portuguese in the seas of Newfoundland and Greenland.

Fishing was to be done on the line at Doris, a small boat that was harnessed from the ship at dawn, with only one fisherman on board. Sometimes they left the mother ship about two to three miles away, which became quite dangerous. Each fisherman was captain and master of his time and destiny.


The story is also made with future...

We believe that Bacalhau deserves much more. That's why we respect history, tradition and flavors. But we innovate in everything else.